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Client Testimonials

NLPSD Client

"We are so glad that we found Nicole Loren Pro Soccer Development! She has really helped our daughter Chloe with her soccer development and confidence. Nicole has been a great mentor for our daughter, someone she can look up to and come to with any questions. Chloe always enjoys coming to Nicole’s trainings, she makes the trainings fun but also challenging. Nicole focuses on long term growth and also injury prevention and has given us tips and stretches to work on with Chloe. We’re so excited to be working with Nicole and can’t wait to see what the future holds!"



Chloe's mom

"When my daughter met Nicole, she was only 11 and was faced with having to make some big decisions about what steps to take next on her soccer journey. She knew that she had to make a transition into a more competitive environment if she was going to continue to push towards playing at the highest levels. At the beginning Nicole provided much needed mentorship that gave my daughter the confidence to accept an offer from a nationally recognized girls club in the area.

After that first official meeting with Nicole, my daughter's in person sessions have consisted of finishing, agility training, strength training, speed training, activation and recovery, as well as providing guidance in goal setting and accountability using a journal she provided. When Nicole has been abroad she has offered my daughter film review and mental performance training via zoom. Nicole has seriously offered a holistic approach to developing my daughter as a player. She has truly helped my daughter develop a foundation that will support her throughout this journey, for as long as she wants to continue it and all while also having fun! My daughter has grown so much the past two years and we are incredibly grateful to have had our paths cross with Coach Nicole on a field in Temecula, CA!"


Miley's Mom

NLPSD Client
NLPSD Athlete

"These programs really work! I can see and feel how much I have developed. I'm stronger and faster, I have more awareness in how my body moves and I have gained a lot of confidence in my performance. I have trained with Nicole over video call and in person and I enjoy both! It is so great to be able to train with her even when we are located in different places. She has taught me a lot about myself and has helped me develop as a player. The workout programs have been specifically designed for me and my abilities. Having those customized programs have really helped me achieve the goals that I have set for myself. I am really excited to continue my training with Nicole and develop throughout my career."




"I've now been working with Nicole for a while. Together we have achieved many things, and reached many goals that I know for sure I wouldn’t be able to do on my own. We still have a lot left to achieve and work towards. Working with an expert is so much more motivating and exciting, because the expert shows you so many ways to reach your goal that you might have missed when your were on your own. That is one of the reasons why I personally love to work with Nicole. She gives it 120 percent in everything she does and it’s like an infection, but in a good way, because it gets to you and then you will give it 120 percent too. Nicole and I have just started, and our successes so far is just the beginning. We will achieve great things together and always be hungry for more!"




NLPSD Athlete

“Nicole has helped me massively already in such a short space of time. I play women's football in North West England and she's helping me push myself with weight training programs, football/agility drills, and nutrition advice. Before I started working with Nicole, I was getting 45 minutes a match or even less every week. You can imagine it didn't feel too good considering I have goals of playing professionally one day! I've knuckled down, followed the programs Nicole has specifically designed and listened to the advice given to me in our little chats. Recently, I've consistently been in the starting eleven getting full matches and if I am on the bench, I get 60+ minutes. Nicole gives you ALL the necessary tools to hit your goals and providing you do your part of the bargain and work hard, I have no doubt you'll reach them. She puts so much time and effort into helping me develop and she's not only my online coach/mentor, but I now consider her a friend and role model.”




“Being quarantined in the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicole made it very possible for me to improve myself and work toward my personal goals at home. Over the time, she always emphasized that everything I do is related to my fitness, including nutrition, workout, and most importantly, mentality. I reached out to her and she was authentic and open to different serious questions. That made me feel more confident about working with her. She was very detailed throughout the pre-program process, which included nutrition plans, lifestyle habits, and, most importantly, sleeping. She coached through my lifestyle habits that impacted my sleeping, and it tremendously improved. I have always preferred in-person interaction, but it was different with Nicole. Nicole has a pair of eagle eyes for details; she notices everything you do in your workout. She designs the workout programs, and you take videos of yourself. Watching the videos, she provides feedback, pointing out exactly what needs to be improved. Striving for improvement is her intention, all the time. 110%. I thank her for my self-improvement.”




NLPSD Client

"Nicole is so knowledgeable! She helped me lose 50lbs for my wedding! She offers so many different packages and really takes the time to tailor each service she offers to you. What I really love is how approachable Nicole is and how serious she is about keeping her clients accountable. Whether you need personal training for your sport or you just want to get fit, NLPSD is the place to go!"


"My daughter Delilah has had 3 sessions with Nicole over Christmas break and what a great experience it has been! She is put outside her comfort zone every session, but enjoys every second of it! The short video clips of the sessions allow Delilah to review and analyze her progress. 'Nicole makes me feel comfortable during my sessions and keeps pushing me to level up my skills. She helps me to work on my weaknesses to make them stronger.' - Delilah"

Delilah's Dad

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"My daughter loves training with Nicole. Not only was she really professional she made it fun. I definitely recommend her services."

Kay Kay's Mom

"Have had both my girls train with Nicole and she is amazing. She builds complexity into the drills utilizing mental and physical abilities to grow. She uses hands on approach showing, and explaining the drills while explaining the whys. After each segment you can hear her ask the players, "how did that feel" or "what did you think of that?" She also talks through areas the player wants to work on. I greatly appreciate her investment to my kids, and was blown away at wanting to know game times and review game footage of their games. The positivity and creative freedom that NLPSD offers is next level. Two thumbs up!"

Charlotte's Mom

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"Nicole is an amazing soccer trainer. She knows how to adjust her drills and approach to fit beginners all the way to collegiate and beyond. She creates a very supportive and positive environment for the athletes and allows them the freedom to take chances and make mistakes and turn them into a positive learning experience. She brings several pieces of equipment and arrives early to have everything set up for a fun yet intense training session. Highly recommend Nicole and NLPSD."

Cam's Dad

"I found NLPSD on Instagram. I reached out to Nicole to inquire about soccer trainings for my daughter. Nicole was very helpful and asked questions to see what training sessions would be best for my daughter. My daughter has learned so much just from a few sessions with Nicole. Nicole does a great job in explaining techniques and little tips and tricks that are very helpful in the game of soccer. We are hoping to continue training sessions with Nicole! Highly recommend NLPSD 🤩"

Aubriella's Mom

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"I highly recommend NLPSD in all aspects of soccer training. We initially did the mental coaching and quickly realized there is so much more that she can offer in the true development of the athlete. Whether it's in person (which we will gladly drive 2 hours for just to train with her) , zoom or by video she sends everything is so effective. She really cares about the well-being of her clients and the family. And that is more than a 5 star to me."

Cy's Mom

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